Empowering business professionals like you to overcome the curse of fear and the curse of knowledge that can derail a presentation, by sharing essential communication tools you can use to speak with more power, confidence and poise
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SPEAK with Power-Get Results!

ARE YOU READY to grow your business or excel in your job, but are too worried to stand in front of clients and effectively share your knowledge?

DO YOU KNOW your subject, but when presenting you tend to read slide after slide of dense technical information hoping to get your audience to understand the needs of the project, but boring them instead?

In today’s competitive business environment it is more important than ever to make an impact through presentations, evaluations and speeches.  Yet most leaders, managers, sales people and job seekers are woefully unprepared to connect with the heart and mind of their audience to get results.

At SPEAK with Power Consulting we help business professionals overcome the curse of fear and the curse of knowledge that can derail communication. By teaching effective communication skills we help our clients to lead people, close sales and speak with more power, confidence and poise to audiences of 1, 1000 or more.

Leo Novsky, MBA Speaker, Coach, Biz Dev Catalyst

Leo Novsky, MBA
Speaker, Coach, Biz Dev Catalyst


Leo Novsky is a professional speaker, executive speech coach an a business development catalyst whose dynamic, humorous and engaging approach has helped hundreds of professionals to rid themselves of destructive communication habits and to speak with power.

Leo has more than 10 years experience in communication, marketing and business development.  He is a published author, inventor and founder of several start-ups.

His educational background includes a BA in English Literature from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the University of Dallas. He is fluent in English, Russian, and conversant in Japanese.


Leo has successfully trained business professionals, job-seekers and people-on-a-mission, to give the best presentations of their lives; helping them to tell a story with a purpose that engages their audience in order to effectively share their knowledge. This Coaching will help you to:

  • Recognize the problems that currently limit the effectiveness of your presentation skills
  • Understand the 5 steps to creating effective presentations
  • Learn how to turn dry numbers into engaging content
  • Master exercises to help overcome presentation jitters
  • Develop new and powerful non-verbal habits to enhance your verbal message
  • And more


Described as “a high-energy expert in how to capture a crowd, project your message and motivate your listeners to action,” Leo presents extensively on the topics of leadership training, sales messaging, and cross-cultural communication.  Presentation topics include:

  • SPEAK with Power-Get Results: 5 essential skills to unlock your communication potential
  • The Art of a Powerful Introduction: How to tell your story in 30 words or less, and get results
  • Body-SLAM: 4 Steps to empower your message through effective non-verbal communication
  • Lost in Translation: Bridging the cultural communication gap in business communications
  • Presentation Power: 7 ways to deliver a great presentation and avoid Death-by-Power-Point
  • Ace Your Job Interview: 5 steps to acing the interview and getting your dream job


Throughout the year, Leo holds several SPEAK with Power Workshops that empower individuals and teams to take their communication skills to the next level. He also creates workshops for corporations, charities and government departments to help teams speak with power!


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