Empowering business professionals like you to overcome the curse of fear and the curse of knowledge that can derail a presentation, by sharing essential communication tools you can use to speak with more power, confidence and poise
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SPEAK with Power-Get Results!

ARE YOU READY to grow your business, raise money, excel in your job, but are too worried to stand in front of clients and effectively share your knowledge?

DO YOU KNOW your subject, but when presenting you tend to read slide after slide of dense technical information hoping to get your audience to understand the needs of the project, but boring them instead?

In today’s competitive business environment it is more important than ever to make an impact through presentations, evaluations, and speeches.  Yet most leaders, managers, salespeople and job seekers are woefully unprepared to connect with the heart and mind of their audience to get results.

My name is Leo Novsky and my passion is to help business professionals overcome the curse of fear and the curse of knowledge that can derail communication by leveraging the power of words and ideas to lead people, close sales and speak with more power, confidence and poise to audiences of 1, 1000 or more.

If you are ready to discover your passion, share it with the world and transform your life one authentic story at a time, then let me be your guide on this journey of self-discovery.

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Leo Novsky

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Live with passion, Speak with power,

Leo Novsky