Transforming the World One Authentic Story at a Time

Leo Novsky Picture“A speech coach? How did you end up a speech coach?” is a common question I am asked.  When they find out that I came to the US as a Political Refugee at the age of 12 from the Soviet Union and that English is my second language, the emphases switches to the “You” as in “How did YOU end up a speech coach?”

In the summer of 2006 I was starting my first start-up, Fitness Arch and my wife Dawn said to me:

“Leo, you should learn how to speak better.”

“What do I need to learn?!” I asked indignantly. “I am not afraid of public speaking!”

“No,” my wife responded, “But when you speak OTHER people are afraid of you public speaking!


She was right… as usual.

Despite my years of schooling, I quickly realized that my communication was rife with generalizations, lack of purpose and full of filler words, pacing back and forth and general ignorance what it means to speak with power.  As I later came to understand, I was so afraid to be judged, that I chose the fight of the “Fight or Flight” Response and damaged the message I was trying to deliver.

Since then my interest turned into a passion and then into a calling to help professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers to overcome anxiety, under-confidence and oversharing that can derail communication and to discover powerful ways to speak with power to the hearts and minds of their audience.

What does it mean to speak with power? After all these years of speaking and coaching, I see it as an ability to create and deliver an authentic story with a clear purpose that engages the hearts and minds of a specific audience in order to ignite the thirst for knowledge.

Speak with Power Consulting is the realization of my vision. Through keynote speeches, workshops, and individual coaching I am now living my purpose — to transform the world one authentic story at a time!

If you are ready to grow your business or excel in your job, but are too worried to stand in front of clients and effectively share your knowledge I can help you to overcome this anxiety.

If you know your subject, but when presenting you tend to read slide after slide of dense technical information hoping to get your audience to understand the needs of the project, but boring them instead I can show you how to reach the heart and mind of your audience.

If you are looking to discover your purpose and speak about it with power, I can be the catalyst to help you share your passion and change the world one authentic story at a time.


Short Bio

Leo Novsky is a professional speaker, executive presentation coach at SPEAK with Power Consulting on a mission to empower job-seekers, entrepreneurs & business executives to overcome anxiety, under-confidence and oversharing in order to speak with more engagement, authenticity, and power. A serial entrepreneur and a passionate storyteller, Leo has over 15 years of experience in communication, training, marketing and business development.  His educational background includes a BA in English Literature from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the University of Dallas. He is fluent in English, Russian, and conversant in Japanese.

For more information about Leo Novsky, visit www.linkedin.com/in/leonovsky

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