“Tailored”| “Thorough”| “Transformative”

Linda was an experienced sales manager in the medical device industry who was struggling to tell her story at a job interview. After working with Leo, Linda found her story and got the job.

Bryan was faced with a critical presentation in front of 85 of his peers, and he was afraid that he would just bore his audience again instead of galvanizing them to action. After only a few coaching sessions, Bryan created a powerful presentation that connected to the heart and mind of his audience and gave the best presentation of his life.

Ray was a defense attorney needing to craft and deliver a convincing opening statement for his client who was being charged for a crime he did not commit. After thorough preparation with Leo, Ray was able to frame his argument and engage the jury to win the case.

Leo-Coaching1-333Whether you are in business, science, law or government, speaking with power is essential to get results!

Yet most professionals fail to sharpen their speaking skills and fall victim to the curse of knowledge and the curse of fear.

Leo is an experienced executive speech coach who can help you identify the roadblocks that are holding you back and equip you with the tools that effective speakers use to speak with power, eloquence and ease.

In his one-on-one sessions, in person or via Skype, Leo will help you turn your fear and doubt into power!

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