Bellow is my list of Power Partners: the amazing organizations, people, and resources that can help you to speak, think, and act with power!


Puget Sound Business Journal Puget Sound Business Journal is the right way to start the day for business person in the Pacific Northwest. As an entrepreneur and a small business owner, I find the information in the newspaper empowers me to identify trends and make good decisions.

Career HorizonsCareer Horizons is an amazing career counceling service headed by Matt Youngquist who has coached thousands of people to find a job of their dreams. I have had a pleasure of speaking at his group events several times and every time I am impressed with his level of knowledge and expertise. If you need career counceling or resume rework, check out Career Horizons.

Phil Jensen Libery's Artist Phil Jensen is a fine art painter and occasional sculptor, and has over 35-year in teaching his students how to see the world around them in a new way and fire up their imagination.



LinkedinLinkedIn is a Ferrary that most users drive like a tricycle.    In the last few years, I became conviced that if you could only do ONE social medial thing, that would be LinkedIn.  If you have not yet created your LinkedIn profile, DO IT!  If you already have an account, USE IT!




This list is is always updated, so if you have a suggestion or want to become a SPEAK with Power Partner, contact Leo at