Looking for to Inspire, Educate and Motivate Your Team?

Stories are the currency of the soul and are the most powerful tools we have to engage the hearts and minds of the audience.

Leo Novsky is an award winning storyteller whose dynamic, humorous and inspirational approach is sure to fire up any audience. He has won numerous speaking competitions, taught lectures, led workshops & inspired people to action.

Leo has extensive knowledge on the topics of health & wellness, disability, interpersonal communication, business consulting, and motivation. Drawing on his experience in the medical, retirement, fitness, and start-up industries, Leo connects with and empowers audiences of all ages and sizes.

Coming to the US at the age of 12 as political refugee from the Soviet Union, Leo has been living an American Dream ever since. His educational background includes a BA from University of Chicago, 2 years of medical school at Northwestern University, and an MBA from University from Dallas.

Leo has entertained audiences of 10 to 500. His ability to tell engaging stories to motivate, educate, and inspire is what distinguishes him from other speakers.


Presentation Topics


  • Dream the Impossible Dream: Achieving Your Goals
  • Lighting Up the Flame: Follow Your Dreams
  • The Way of the Wag: Life lessons I learned from my dog

Business & Communication

  • SPEAK with Power: 5 steps to a more effective communication
  • SPEAK with Power–Get the Job: 5 Secrets to an effective job interview
  • What’s your BIG idea?: 10 Steps to getting your invention from a napkin to the market

Health & Wellness

  • The WELLNESS Paradigm Speaking Series: 8 dimensions of personal wellness
  • The Battle of the Budge: How to have your parents WANT to move to a retirement community
  • Empowering Independence: Accessible & effective fitness programs for people of any physical ability

NEVER boring, Leo’s seminars are a great option for informing, entertaining, and motivating your group, whatever its size or focus!