SPEAK with Power Academy

041112_0031_speakwithpo3ARE YOU PASSIONATE about your topic, but find it hard to share your vision with authenticity and purpose?

ARE YOU DETERMINED to prove your mettle in your chosen career, but are paralyzed by anxiety to stand out and be seen?

DO YOU KNOW your subject, but in trying to get your audience to understand, you seem to overshare and bore them instead?


Whether you are:

  • An entrepreneur looking to pitch your BIG Idea
  • A business professional with a career on the line
  • A leader looking to inspire others with your message

Speaking with power, authenticity and purpose is more important than ever.

SPEAK with Power Academy will help you do that.

Eventbrite - SPEAK with Power Academy

SPEAK with Power Academy is an 8 week catalytic online course that will empower you to disover your purpose, share it with power, and transform your life one authentic story at a time  


During the eight live 60min online webinars, you will be able to:

  • Build a toolkit of authentic stories that connect to your passion
  • Learn how to overcome anxiety, under-confidence and oversharing
  • Integrate powerful verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a presentation
  • Utilize presentation tools like PPT, Video, Microphone and other props
  • Manage objections and crucial conversations
  • Practice delivery in the large group and in accountability pairs

And most importantly

Transform the world through your authentic story!

See you on the journey!