SPEAK with Power-Get Results:

5 Secrets to Creating the Most Powerful Presentation of YOUR Life

ARE YOU READY to grow your business oMeeting facilitation4-333r excell in your job, but you are too worried to stand in front of clients and effectively share your knowledge?

DO YOU KNOW your subject but when presenting tend to read slide after slide of dense technical information hoping to get your audience to understand the needs of the project but losing their attention instead.

Two challenges are pervasive in the current business environment: the Curse of Emotion – the fear of public speaking and the Curse of Knowledge –sharing too much information.  Effective presentation training is essential in order to overcome them and connect to the hearts and minds of your audience

SPEAK with Power Workshop will address these challenges and give the YOU the tools to overcome these challenges, improve communication, and get results!

This training will help you to:

  • Recognize the problems that currently limit the effectiveness of your presentation skills
  • Understand the 5 steps to creating effective presentations
  • Learn how to turn dry numbers into engaging content
  • Enjoy hands-on exercises to help overcome presentation jitters
  • Develop new and powerful non-verbal habits to enhance their verbal message

TRAINING DELIVERABLE: At the end of the workshop you will be better able to present to your colleagues, communicate with you managers, speak with confidence to your customers and GET RESULTS!

To learn how Leo can help educate, entertain and energize your group!





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